Action over Words

Action over Words

Did you get a chance to read yesterday’s journal post? If not check it out. If so, what was your posture this morning? Please comment below.


Diving into our talk for today, I want to ask, what true value does someone’s life bring if their actions do not match up to their words? Or vice versa? Please comment below.

I thought about this today and even tweeted this, “Let what you say, be a reflection of what you do”.

To be an effective leader you must lead by your mouth and by your hands. A leaders’ responsibility is to bring to life all that they are preaching.

Why is this important? Plain and simple.

If your actions and words do not match up, people will not believe your message. They will be a great disconnect.

There will be no relevance in your message.

Ultimately people will not trust you.

Do you think everyone believed everything that Jesus said? No. The bible makes many accounts of people’s unbelief towards him. Even his own hometown could not believe his message. (Luke 4: 14-24)

But what separated Jesus from the religious leaders in his time was not only his message, but his actions behind his message.

Actions have a way of putting words more into context. People believe action because action does not lie. It is what it is.

This quote hits the nail on the head, “People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do” – Lewis Cass.

Let your actions equal your words and let your words equal your actions.

Let’s not only be sayer’s, but let’s be doer’s.


Happy Tuesday