Proper Posture = Proper Perspective - July 17, 2017

It has been a pretty good month for me. If you have not visited the site in a while, there is a ton of content that has been provided, especially this month. I won’t pull a spoiler alert on you, but I encourage you to browse through the site

Think about this.

How you start your day ultimately plays a part on how you finish your day. I say this because many of us, myself included, wake up and immediately begin moving forward with our day and picturing what are day is going to look like without setting a proper foundation for that day. We think about the upcoming meeting, exam, work day, what the kids will need, chores, etc. without setting up the proper foundation for all of that – prayer. And not just prayer-on-the-go, but true on your knees prayer.  

I am not here saying that this is the one and only way that prayer must be done, but being on my knees brings a sense of humility and a sense of surrender. Those are things that I need every day because I can easily deceive myself in thinking that I control my life, which I do, but by properly posturing myself, I am choosing to give God control. Giving God control of your day, is not an excuse to not get stuff done for yourself and in your life. It is not an excuse to not execute on your goals and just “leave it in God’s hands,” but more of a collaboration that brings proper perspective and propels you further into your life.

I read an article this morning that really hit it on the head.

“Life is best lived from a state of surrender. All the planning and striving in the world cannot match the peace experienced from an inner disposition of surrender. And the clarity of thought and humble attitude it produces can create unexpected opportunities.” – Personal growth

The right posture brings the right perspective. Think about that and comment below.

How will you start your day tomorrow? 

#Happy Monday