Devotional - May 18, 2017

Scriptures for the Day: 1 Chronicles 8 | 1 Chronicles 9 | 1 Chronicles 10 | Acts 26 | Psalms 58


My wife and I woke up a bit later (the story of our lives), so our morning was a circus between getting the kids ready and organizing food and clothes for the day as well. You can only imagine and that was not even close to what I went through last night.

Daddy duty was in full effect last night. I had all three kids by myself and let me tell you it was a non-stop show. The moment I pick up my kids from school, Saige throws up in the cars seat. I pull over and wipe her down as best as I can. We take the usual 30 minute car ride home and thank God that Saige slept during the ride and the kids were entertained with a movie. We pick up pizza, head home and I quickly bathe Saige. I get her ready, we eat pizza and from there I bathe the twins. After bathing the kids I get their pajamas on. I then put on a movie for them, while I was dishes and bottles. Thank God once again, Saige is sleeping as I am washing dishes. After dishes I prepare her bottle and feed her and my twins are still watching the movie. Once Saige officially is done for the day. I turn off the movie, put the twins to bed and that is my entire afternoon. It sounds like nothing, but it felt like a nonstop basketball game, running up and down getting this and cleaning that. The adrenaline rush was like no other, but the crash afterwards was like no other either.

The funny thing with all of this is that a little part of me likes it. This is my life and when I am away from it believe it or not I miss it. I love taking care of my kids. I wish days like last night that I had more quality time to play with my kids, but I understand that there are certain days that tasks have to be done.

So with the late start to the morning, due to my over excessive tiredness, I only had a small window to pray and worship and to my surprise, I pick up the guitar and melodies begin to hit me, followed by lyrics. I quickly begin to record all that is going on because if I don’t I will lose it. In the 10 minutes or so that I had I put two melodies together with two song ideas. All of this was done while praying and talking with God.

Why do I share this?

Because I am learning how to give God genuinely my heart and whatever comes out of me. Meaning that I no longer want to confine God into a small window of time in my life or give him the say religious routine day to day. I want to change things up and pour onto him what is authentic and genuine in my heart.

I do want structure, but I also desire a true relationship not a religious act.

I encourage you today to offer God something different with your life. Be creative, be yourself and don’t be afraid.

Take a walk outside and pray.

Sing songs of prayer.

Play your instrument while you pray and talk to God.

Write down your prayer and talk with God in a journal.


Whatever you are capable of doing to change things up, DO IT. 

Offer God your all.

Offer God your heart and watch what He can do.