Devotional May 15, 2017

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 56

Thank you Lord so much for this day. You are faithful despite my inabilities and inconsistencies. You are forever righteous. You are forever my rock that I run so, but most importantly that I stand on. 
Lately I have been thinking a lot about being more intentional and being more action oriented. Not only do I want to take ownership of my life, but I need to.  

Life is summed up by the decision and choices that we make everyday. Ones overall life is a result of daily decisions, whether made or not made.  

I think I am at a point in my life - I am not sure if being in my thirties has anything to do with this- but where I have nothing to lose.  
For the past two months I have observed my coworker very closely and one thing I have noticed is his, "nothing to lose" demeanor. For those of you that don't know, my good friend and coworker suffered a heart attack at the age of 27 and almost passed away. I saw it all unfold right before my eyes and I couldn't believe that something like this was happening to someone so close to me.  
To the Glory of God, he came out of it all with no life altering complications. It has been almost as if nothing ever happened.  

So like I said earlier, I have observed his behavior and ways very closely since he returned and his view and way of life, at least to me, have been way different.  
You can sense a carefree spirit out of him. You can see his aggressiveness to ask for the "sale" at work. You can see his boldness and confidence in speaking to others.  
He has truly become a different person for the better in my opinion and that has been something that has motivated me.  

I want to be the same.  

I want to be bold and courageous towards life. I don't want to over think my life or even over complicate it.  
I want to be a doer. I want to be bold. I want to take action and not settle.  

God has entrusted you and I with the lives that we have, so what are we going to do with it?  

How will we honor God back with the lives that he has given us?  

What steps and decisions can we take to push ourselves forward and activate our faith? 

Let's put our faith into action.  
Let's put our dreams, goals, desires to action.  

Mark Batterson hit on the head when he said, "A dream without a plan is just a wish" The book of James 2:14-26 talks very clearly about this as well.  

Let's make today count!