Devotional April 4, 2017

Good day everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I apologize for the inconsistency the last few weeks, but it has been pretty busy in my neck of the woods. With my schedule going through some changes and shifts it has made it very difficult for me to write and even do some of my normal day to day. I have to admit that because of this it really frustrated and almost made me give up. 

As I get older I keep finding out more things about myself and with these challenges that I faced, I found out that I am really routine oriented. I am very structured and scheduled, so if one little thing gets thrown off my whole schedule gets thrown off and when my whole schedule gets thrown off, I get thrown off.  

Isn't this the beauty of life though? Learning, understanding, evolving... Life is full of many lessons that can teach us a lot about ourselves.  

This may seem weird, but having my third child has taught me a lot more about myself. Even more than when the twins came to my life. I'm not saying that when I became a first time father that did not bring change in my life, because it certain did, but with the arrival of baby Saige there has been something very different with me.   

I may not be able to point it out fully, but one things is for sure I have made adjustments and whatever life has thrown my way I have learned to adjust.  

Any parent can agree with me, or at least the good ones, that parenting is all about adjustments. As much as we might want structure and consistency something will happen.  

Crying baby, feeding, diaper changing, play time,  and that is not taking into an account that I have three year old twins! So as you can imagine life, for me has been full of adjustments.  

I am embracing it though.  

I remember when the twins were born, I would fight it and all it did was frustrate me. I can't say that I have it all down packed, but I am taking the first step. Just like a the famous quote says, "every journey begins with a single step." 

So with all of this said, I did not have a particular Bible verse laid out for today as I normally due, but today's purpose was for me to get my hands on the keyboard again and start writing my heart the way that I know how.  

My question to you is this, what do you need to adjust in your life?  

It is a simple question, but if you think long and hard there might be something.  


For those that keep up with me, thank you! Let's keep rolling through.