Devotional March 8, 2017

Bible Verses

Numbers 13 | Numbers 14 | John 6 1-21 | Psalms 28


Good Day everyone, I hope you all are having a good first half of the week. Mine is going quite well. My father came to town yesterday to visit our newborn. It is always a treat to see my father. The kids really gravitate to him and you can tell that they bring him so much joy. It is a beautiful scene. 


I continued this morning with my bible reading and really enjoyed what I read today from the book of Numbers. If you do not know, the book of Numbers is not the most exciting book in the Bible. It is full of laws and regulations that God was giving to the Israelites, which is cool to read if you’re into rules. I could pass on that, but I wouldn’t be accomplishing my goal of reading the whole Bible.  

Anyways, as I read the book of Numbers as was caught up on the story of Joshua and Caleb, which is found in chapter thirteen. You are welcome to read it, so that you can understand where I am coming from, just click the link below.  

Moses sent twelve spies to go seek out the land before and bring back a report of what they experienced and saw. Ten out the twelve brought back a negative report. Doesn't it seem easy to be negative and see everything through negative lenses? The ten spies remind me of most of our culture now a days and how we amplify drama or how the news is full of so much negativism. Negativity is a plague, that is very easy to obtain. I don't even think it takes much to be negative. Think about a time that you were negative, what caused it? Was it someone's critique? Was it someone cutting you off on the road? How long did it last? All day maybe? A fun fact that I learned a few years ago – a sad, frustrated or disappointed face uses more muscles than a smile or a happy face. I just wanted to toss that out there.  

Sorry for the nerd alert, but negativity is not an outward attitude more than it is an internal condition. I believe that negativity is something that flows from the heart. Check out what the bible says in Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." 

I love the attitude and stance that Joshua and Caleb took. They did not allow everyone else's attitude to infect them. They not only saw all that God had done for them, but in their minds they were convinced that God was not going to take them this far to just abandon them. They believed in the God that sent the plagues against the Egyptians. They believed in the God that parted the Red Sea. They believed in the God that provided Manna from heaven and lead them in the desert. They stood firm and God honored them for it.  


Are you allowing your outside circumstances to distort the view of your life? Do you find yourself more negative than positive?  

Today is the day that you decide to be positive and to live the life that God has intended you to live. I am not saying that you will never have rough days, but ultimately it your decision on how your attitude will be towards the good and the bad – towards the possible and impossible.  

Decide today to go against the grain – to go against the current. Your life depends on it.