Devotional March 10, 2017


Numbers 19 | Numbers 20 | John 7:1-24


Happy Friday guys! I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a good week for me, minus me getting slightly sick on Wednesday and Thursday. I am slowly feeling better, but I haven’t been able to hold my baby girl Saige much, so that is what is most painful for me. What was cool about this week, was that my father came down to visit us and we had a blast with him. Despite being sick on Wednesday, I spent all day with him and we had a really great time. We wrapped up his visit last night with dinner at Carrabbas Italian Grill. We had such a great time with the entire family.

The toughest part is the goodbyes. I really try to cherish my time with my father as much as I can because I never know how long it will be till I see him again. Luckily for facetime and social media, we get to see each other more, but I never know when it will be the next time that I will get to look him in the eyes and embrace him. I hate to think that way, but sometimes it allows me to really cherish my time with my father.

What is even harder is seeing my children get so close and attached to my father and then having to say goodbye. Why is saying goodbye so hard? After so many years of saying goodbye to my father, you would think it would not affect me much, but it still does. Obviously more when I was younger, but it still gets to me.

“God’s provision doesn’t always come wrapped in your preferences. Today’s misery may be tomorrow’s miracle”
— Unknown

I look at my life and my relationship with my father and it motivates me to give my best to my children. It motivates me to not follow the same footsteps. I don’t want my kids to have to constantly say goodbye to me and not know when I will be back. I don’t want my kids to know what it is to not have a father around.

God’s word is truly real and what he says in Zephaniah 3: 15-17 is something that blow my mind. “15 God has reversed his judgments against you and sent your enemies off chasing their tails. From now on, God is Israel's king, in charge at the center. There's nothing to fear from evil ever again! God Is Present among You 16 Jerusalem will be told: "Don't be afraid. Dear Zion, don't despair. 17 Your God is present among you, a strong Warrior there to save you. Happy to have you back, he'll calm you with his love and delight you with his songs.”

Also check out what Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

God is in the business of turning our sorrows into joy, our morning into dancing, and our tears into laughter. God is a restorer, and as long as you abide in him, he sees every tear that you cry and it will not be wasted in vain.

God has turned my darkest moments into my strongest moments. When I thought the issues of my father were going to dominate me throughout my life, they became a weapon, not to harm me, but for me to use in battle.

Your greatest battle will be your greatest success. I saw this quote the other day on Instagram and it really touched me. “God’s provision doesn’t always come wrapped in your preferences. Today’s misery may be tomorrow’s miracle”


Do you truly believe that God will turn your negative circumstances into good? If so, then give God room to work. He can do some much with so little.