Devotional - February 3, 2017

Scripture: Exodus 15, 16 / Mark 15:16-47 / Psalms 15  


Hey guys I hope all is well. I know I mentioned to you guys that I would be putting these devotionals up in the morning, but I was working on some filming this morning and trying to maximize my time as best as I can. It has been a crazy 24 hours for me. Just put it this way, I did not expect to be in the hospital last night. I don't want to go into too much detail because I wanted to talk about this more in tomorrow's videotionalI don't want to leave you hanging like that, so to sum things up my coworker, Patrick was hospitalized early yesterday morning and was unresponsive for about 15 minutes. He is currently in a medically induced coma and I am asking you to please join with me to pray for him. His family needs all the prayers possible. Like I said, more will be discussed in my upcoming videotional. 

I continued on with reading my normal plan for today and I was grabbed by inconsistencies of the Israelites. Inconsistency in faithfulness, Inconsistency in gratitude, Inconsistency in obedience and other things. I just can't believe that these people were able to witness what they witnessed, 10 plagues to the Egyptians, Pillar of cloud, Pillar of fire, parting of the Red Sea, Quail, and Mana and still not believe. And still question God and still be ungrateful. It blows my mind. 

God’s priority is your heart. If God can have your heart, everything else will follow. Your perspective towards your problems will change. Your approach to life will change and your thoughts will be different.
— JS

I try to sit here and put myself in their shoes, or even give them the benefit of the doubt, but I even with that I can't believe that they continued with their complaint, frustration, unbelief and even sin. As I say that though, I ask myself, Are we the same way? We have been given forgiveness of sins because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross, but we continue to sin. We continue to doubt even after God shows up for us. We complain even when God has provided all of our needs. 

When I read about the lives of the Israelite's, I think about people that did not need change in their external circumstances, which God did anyways, but people that seriously needed change internally. True change happens from the Inside out. True change happens in the heart. The bible says it clearly in Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." 

So, how are we guarding our hearts? Are we allowing negativity to always flood our lives or are we pouring in more of God and his word into our lives? Are we looking at our current circumstances and overlooking all that God has done? There is a season for everything. So this could be a season where God is truly working on your heart, your character and inside of you. Your outside might not look exactly how you want it to look, but that is not on the top of God's list for your life (not that it does not concern God). God's priority is your heart. If God can have your heart, everything else will follow. Your perspective towards your problems will change. Your approach to life will change and your thoughts will be different. 

Do not neglect the outside circumstances, but release them to God. This is much easier said than done, but is something that you have to do every day. Wake up every day and say, "God my heart is yours and I release my burdens onto you, take it in Jesus name, Amen"  

Application: What are some difficulties that you are currently facing? Write them down. How much time and energy have you put into this? Do you feel like you have done everything possible? If so, then release it to God and transfer that time and energy into internal change. Fully surrender and let him work in your heart.