Devotional - February 1, 2017

Exodus 11 & 12

Mark 14: 43-65

Psalms 14

Hey everyone, good afternoon. I hope you guys are having a good first half of the week. This week has really flown by for me, I am not sure if anyone else could say the same. I am writing this at 6pm since today has been pretty busy, but I felt convicted this morning about my sporadic times of writing and reading. Some parts of my life have felt scattered and I felt the need to put focus on organization. Organization with prayer, writing and the few other things that I want to dedicate time to. It is going to be a stretch, but like I wrote recently many things don’t happen when life is comfortable. We need to be stretched. We need to be pushed. We need to reach to something and somewhere we have never been to. I felt this in my heart this morning and I will be starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow morning I am committing myself to wake up about an hour and a half earlier to pray, read scripture and write. I want to dedicate my first fruits to what is needed and what I love. I hope that it really takes me deeper in all levels. I am not saying that I have not been praying or reading scripture, but my timing has been everywhere and I have allowed everything else to dictate my time of prayer, bible reading and writing, instead of the other way around. Are you in the same boat as me? Have you allowed everything else, but prayer, bible reading, etc. dictate your life? We have to take ownership of our life and put to priority the things that we treasure and the things that we know will reap an everlasting reward.

Life finds a way of distracting us. Life finds a way of fogging our focus and goals. As we are kicking off February, I am not sure how January turned out for you, but as I said in yesterday’s devotional we still have 11 months to go; don’t let 1 month dictate the 11 months remaining.

I continued on my bible reading plan today and in Exodus I am currently reading about the Passover and how God sent the death angel to kill every first born from Egypt. God gave the Moses and Aaron specific instructions to follow in regards to this. In their obedience Moses and Aaron were able to free over 600,000 people (the 600,000 were just the males, which did not include females and children).  It is crazy to see how one man’s obedience led to liberation for over 600,000 people. That shows you the power of obedience. When we obey God mighty and great things are bound to follow and happen.

In many of my devotionals I have shared with you how I desire to put my faith into action this year, well in saying that, it won’t happen if I don’t obey God. If I love God, I will obey him, I will submit myself to his will. That is exactly what Jesus did. His obedience took him to the cross, and that is not a bad thing at all. Jesus’ obedience brought grace and salvation to all humanity. The power of obedience.

Prayer: I pray that you begin to sensitive to what God is asking of you and calling you to do. That your love for God leads you to a level of obedience that you have never experienced.

Challenge: What are you believing God for this year? What can you do with what you have to meet God half way? Step out in faith if God is calling you to and be obedient to his voice. It will change your life for the better.