Devotional - January 6, 2017

Scripture: Genesis: 9 & 10, Philippians 4, Psalms 3 

Devotional: Happy Friday guys! First week of January just about finished. Crazy to think that it has almost been a week since the start of 2017. How has the New Year been for you? 

It has been good for me. I believe I mentioned this earlier in the week but on Monday I felt this heavy pressure on me. Not because I had something due for work or anything like that, but I guess it was a pressure to start the New Year great. Instead of motivating, goals and to do lists can put stress on me if I don't handle it right or if I try to do it all on my own. For me it is about putting everything in it's in place and taking one thing at a time. Do you feel that pressure too?  

Anyways as we continue on our study I began with Genesis 9 and right off the bat verse 1 says, "Then God blessed Noah and his sons and told them, 'Be fruitful and multiply...'" You can kind of say that for Noah in his family it was there New Year! God tells them to be fruitful and multiply. I don't just look at that as go and procreate, but I look at that much more differently. I believe that God is telling us the same thing for this year, "be fruitful and multiply". 

I have been speaking a lot about this New Year and all that God has planned, but do you know that God is believing in an amazing year for you?  We hear this from pastors, mentors, family and friends, but do we believe that God is believing in us to have an amazing year? That is what I take out of this verse. Be fruitful! God would not say this if we could not do it, so let's do it! Let's be fruitful!  

I believe that out of a thankful heart springs out more opportunities for God to bless us.

I continued to read Genesis 9 & 10, but then I began reading Philippians 4 and verse 6 really grabbed me, it says, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." What I got out of that was obviously presenting to God all your needs and desires, but the last 7 words of this verse were what really touched me …”thank him for all he has done". Sometimes we forgot all that God has done for us because we are so focused on what we need him to do right now. So after you are all done letting him know what you need, start remembering all that he has already done for you.  

We all have a list of goals and to do's for 2017, which is great and God does want to fulfill the desires of our hearts, but we cannot forget to thank Him for all He has already done for us in 2016 and even in this first week of 2017. I believe that out of a thankful heart springs out more opportunities for God to bless us. When my kids show any sign of thankfulness because of something I did for them, it automatically impacts me and makes me want to bless them even more. How much more does God feel when we, his children sincerely thank him every day? Think about that.  

Prayer: My prayer is that we all go after 2017 and become fruitful in every area of our live, but at the same time that we never stop thanking him through it all.  

Challenge: I am sure most of us already have our list of goals and to do's for 2017, but do we have a list of thanks? I might have brought up this challenge already this week, but write down a list of all that God has done for you in 2016 and even the first week of 2017. Begin to thank Him for all that you are desiring for 2017 like it is already done. Believe by faith that this year is your year!