Devotional - January 29, 2017

Scripture: Exodus 6:9

Hey everyone, I hope you are having an awesome weekend! Mine has been good. I got to spend the first part of Saturday morning with my son. We took care of a few errands and then went to get our haircuts. In the afternoon, my wife surprised me and took me out to a dinner and a movie. It has been a long time since I have been to the movies. We saw a movie called “Split”. It was very suspenseful and a bit scary as well.  It was basically about a guy that dealt with split personalities. There was a name to the sickness, but basically the guy had about 24 identities that he played as. I don’t want to play spoiler alert, but I thought that the movie held quite a powerful message at the end that basically said, that to those who have been through struggles, problems, sickness, etc. they have been given the advantage in life. Their hearts are pure, because they have seen the other side of life. They have been the victims, they have been through the trials, they have been through the sickness and came out of it alive. It basically said that the advantage is theirs in this life. Their eyes have been opened.

Many people think that trial, tests, failures and struggles are a bad thing, but forget that those things do not define you, they create you. They create your story and we all have a story.
— JS

I thought that was powerful message and a day later I am still thinking about. Many people think that trial, tests, failures and struggles are a bad thing, but forget that those things do not define you, they create you. They create your story and we all have a story. As I think about that I think about the few people in the bible that I have read about so far. Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. Each of these people had a story. Each of them went through struggles, persecution, confusion, etc. but those things did not define who they were, it created their story.  

You need to know that your struggles, problems and failures do not define you, they shape you. The create in you something beautiful, but only if you can overcome them. Many people do not ever overcome their problems, failures, sickness, etc. They remain victims all their lives. When I say this I think about what I read today in the book of Exodus chapter 6:9, it says, “So Moses told the people of Israel what the Lord had said, but they refused to listen anymore. They had become too discourage by the brutality of their slavery.” How many of us have stopped listening, have stop pushing for change and have stopped having faith because of how unfair life has been? Moses not only fought against the Egyptians and Pharaoh, but he fought against the mentality of his own people. The Israelites never let of their victim mentality that it eventually hindered them from getting their ultimate blessing.

What is hindering you today? Could it be outside circumstances or could it be within you? Only you can answer that question. Let the Holy Spirit set you free and let him change your perspective to see that your struggle is beautiful and is part of the process. Like James said, “count it as an opportunity for joy…” Don’t run away from your struggle, problems and pain, run towards it. Make the most out of it. Find the lessons to be learned and trust that God will carry you through no matter how hard it may get.

Prayer/Challenge: My prayer in 2017 is that you embrace the struggle. That you look at pain, failure, and obstacles with a different perspective. Let your prayer be, “God give me your eyes to see what you see.” Don’t run away from the difficulty, run towards it and let it create in you something beautiful.