Devotional - January 24, 2017

Scripture: Genesis 45, 46

Hey guys, I hope the start of the week is going great for you guys. It has been for me, especially after coming off a frustrating one last week, I am pleased thus far. I have had a lot on my mind lately, but I recently head a powerful message from Pastor Steven Furdick titled “The power of Pre”. It basically talks about the power of preparation and how sometimes your status or process does not look the way you thought it would be, but not to doubt because it is not finished. I am obviously paraphrasing here, but you must check out it out for yourself. Here is the direct link to hear it.

For some reason that message has been sticking in my head and I am most likely going to be listening to it again. It spoke to me so deeply as I am currently in that position in my life. You think you’re the only one dealing with things? We all are. Don’t let anyone fool you. I started this website with the full purpose of being as transparent as possible and I hope that you can be the same.

Barring any set back, I found out today the exact date of my daughter’s arrival and it kind of hit me, this is real?! I am having a third child! It will truly hit me when she is here I guess, but the more I think about it the more I get full of different emotions. It is all God’s plan and will follow his will for he knows my life better than I do.

Like you know already, I have been reading the book of Genesis along with Mark and Psalms. I am currently reading the story of Joseph, which has become my favorite because I honestly can relate my life to Joseph’s. Joseph’s life was all about setbacks, at least in Joseph’s eyes, but little did he know that they were set ups in God’s eyes. Joseph went from one thing after the other, the guy could not catch a break, from his own brothers not liking him, to his brothers selling him, to being wrongfully accused and being put to prison you can see how his life seemed unfair, but even with all that God had a plan. From one day to the next Joseph went from a prisoner to second in command of all Egypt. If that does not motivate you, I don’t know what can. I encourage you to read Joseph’s story starting in chapter 37.

Joseph’s life was all about setbacks, at least in Joseph’s eyes, but little did he know that they were set ups in God’s eyes.

Doesn’t our lives seem the same. We go from one thing to the next wondering where God is at. We get frustrated because our lives are nowhere near what we pictured or imagined it to be. Let me tell you that God is not caught off guard. He knows exactly what is going on in your life. He knew before you did. Today I want to encourage you that all it takes is a moment and opportunity and a chance. For Joseph all it took was a day. He want from prisoner to second in command in one day. God can change your life in the blink of eye, but remember that God is always focused on working in you before he works through you, so before the situations change God is looking for your heart to change. Let that sink in your heart today.

Prayer: I pray that you continue to allow God to examine you and that you trust him in the middle of your process.

Challenge: I challenge you to go all in. Trust in God no matter what you may be currently facing. Trust that he can change your circumstance, but don’t put all your focus on the outside change, put your focus on your inward change.