Devotional - January 19, 2017

Scripture: Mark 7:14-30    

Devotional: Hey guys I hope the week is going good for you all. It has been an interesting one for me. With a combination of tired and frustrated it has resulted in an up and down week for me. For some reason this week I have just been dragging. I am not sure if it has anything to do with getting back into routine this week after traveling last week, but it has been a challenge. I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental battles and questions regarding some areas in my life. I am really trying to dive in more scripture each day and allowing that to be my focus and meditation throughout the day. It is not easy, but it is possible.  

Anyways I continued on my Genesis reading along with Mark and Psalms today. I really like the story that I was lead to in the book of Mark 7:31-37. If you can take some time to read it. I love verse 33 where it says that Jesus led the deaf man away from the crowd. That spoke to me because sometimes God wants to work with you alone, actually most of the time. God is looking to get you out of the crowds and show you what he can do. Many of us have and heard and maybe even seen God work in people's lives, but has he done it you relationship? Have you allowed God to work in your life, one on one? We tend to think that God can only work in the church, but God is a God of intimacy and he wants to work with you right where you are, away from all the noise and away from the crowd.  

It is crazy what God can do when we trust him. This deaf man only heard about what Jesus did for others, but he never had his own experience. I remember when I was growing up, before I started to go to church, my cousin would always tell me about the miracles that God was doing at his church. He would tell me stories about demon possessed people and he would also tell me about healing and this all fascinated me. I was young at the time so I honestly went because I just wanted to see with my eyes everything that he told me, but little did I know God was looking for me to experience my own healing. God was wanting me to have my own personal relationship with him. God wants to same for you too. Many of us our living under the shadow of our parents. We are living our parents faith, not our own. God today wants you to experience what it is to truly trust him in your life. He wants you to truly know him. That is what this journey is all about. It is about having a personal relationship and walk with God through Jesus Christ.  

Prayer: My prayer is that you experience the power of God for yourself. That you begin to live out your faith not someone else's faith.   


Challenge: I challenge you to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you have truly trusted in God. If not it is ok, today is the day that you follow him for yourself. Today you make the decision to have your own personal relationship with God.