Devotional - January 16, 2017

Scripture: Genesis 29 & 30 

Devotional: Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. If any of you seen the games yesterday you can understand how I feel today. I am pretty beat up! To sum it all up my Packers defeated the Cowboys with seconds left on the clock. It was football classic!

Being on travel all last week made me have to change things up in my schedule a bit, but now that I am able to get into the flow that I like to be in. I am proud of myself though. When my schedule gets all flustered I tend to put everything aside, but not this time around. I managed to stay as consistent as possible. If there is one thing I will learn this year is that whatever may change around me will not change in me. Meaning that if life throws me curve balls or I am thrown out of routine that will not affect my prayer and bible reading. That is priority over anything else in my life. I hope you feel the same way too this year.

Anyways I continued on with the book of Genesis and in chapter 29 it spoke about Jacob, his marriage and children. Jacob ends up running into his uncle Laban, but he also falls in love with Laban’s daughter Rachel. I find it funny that we consider Jacob to be the trickster because of what he did to his brother Esau, but like the old saying goes, “whatever comes around goes around”. Jacob the trickster found himself being tricked by his uncle Laban, not once, but twice. In Chapter 29:23-25 Laban gives Jacob his first daughter Leah instead of Rachel. Then in Chapter 30:34-36 Laban tricks Jacob again and takes away all the female goats that were streaked and spotted and all the black sheep that Jacob agreed to take for himself.

My point with all of this is that sooner or later our time will come. You might have heard it said that, “you reap what you sow”. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and one thing I know is that you get what you put in. Meaning that in order to be healthy and get the body that you have been desiring you have to put in the work in the gym and work in the kitchen. You have to establish healthy routines and customs. You can’t expect to get the body you want not working out and eating burgers and fries. It just does not work that way. So in our lives if we want to see blessing we are going to have to position ourselves for it.  

 Prayer: My prayer is that we can all continue to sow good seed in our lives.

Challenge: What are some areas that you need to sow good seed into? Is it your marriage? Is it with your kids? Or maybe your job? Where do you need to deposit better seed into? I challenge you to write this down and begin to take action.