Devotional - January 13, 2017

Place of Desperation

Mark 5:24-34

Devotional: I write this devotional again 30,000 feet in the air headed back from Ohio to Orlando. It seems like most of my devotionals are written in high altitudes! Wherever it may be I have made it a priority to be as consistent as my schedule will let me. I had a great trip to Ohio and Indiana. I got to meet some great people that I have done business with for quite some time. It is always nice to finally see their faces after all the calls and emails throughout the year.

I was pressed for time this morning and was not able to write at my preferred time, but I knew I would have some time on the plane. I read two chapters of Genesis, one in Mark and one Psalms. The book of Mark caught my attention today, in particularly chapter 5 that speaks about the women with the flow of blood. I have read this story before, but for some reason this time, it seemed to pop out more to me. The first thing that came to my head was preparing this devotional for one of my messages during the 21 days of prayer this coming week. I honestly don’t have anything else prepared so depending on how much comes to me, then I will decide.

How different does life get for us when we are put in a place of desperation? Our natural tendency is to seek comfort, safety and the easiest road possible, but what kind of faith would be produced through that kind of life? Faith comes through hearing the word of God, but faith is developed through desperation. Faith is developed and matured through times of difficulty and uncertainty. I don’t want to mislead you and say that our whole lives must be made up of trials and tribulation, but Jesus did not promise us a life of bed and roses either.

Many of you are excited and expectant for 2017 and you should be, but this devotional is a quick reminder to be prepared for the rough roads that 2017 might bring. It may be more for some than others, but we will all come across times of stretching and challenges, but be encouraged, it is all to develop you. Desperate situations have a way of bringing out a level of faith within us. As we see in Mark 5: 24 this woman was desperate. She visited every professional to see what was wrong, but they could not do anything about her condition. Have you been in that position, where you have nowhere to go or no answer? It is a tough position to be in, but understand that before God can change your exterior, he wants to develop your interior.

Faith should never be our last resort, but faith should be our first response.

Consider God the, Inside Man. He is always wanting to develop our hearts and character and sometimes that comes through some difficult moments and situations. For this woman, nothing could heal her. No money or no doctors. So, what is was she left with, faith and that is not a bad thing. Faith should never be our last resort, but faith should be our first response. Why? Because like this woman we could spend a good portion of our lives trying to figure things out and trying to solve every problem that may come to our lives. So, let us be led by faith not by sight. Let us be led by faith not by sickness. Let us be led by faith not by debt. Let us be led by faith not doubt. Let us be led by faith not depression. I think you understand what I am trying to say.

To see a different kind of year, we must take a different step and that is a step of faith. Let this year be a faith driven year and that our faith becomes our first response not our last.

Prayer: I pray that this year your faith becomes your first response, not your last. I pray that you be led by faith in all that you do this year.

Challenges: My challenge to you is to identify the areas in your life that you need to put more faith in. Ask yourself, how will I apply more faith into this situation? Let the Holy Spirit lead you, but be honest and once you are finished, place this in an area to remind yourself to stay committed to your faith.