Devotional - January 10, 2017

Scripture: Genesis 17 & 18

Devotional: Good morning! Stayed up a bit late catching up to some work, but also as I laid in bed my eyes stayed glued to another great movie by Will Smith called, Focus. Great movie! Anyways I went bed a little later than planned, but all is good today. I am on Day 2 in my Ohio trip and am looking forward to what lies ahead today.

How big your faith is, is determine by how big your God is. Let’s step out in faith this year.

I continue reading today’s scripture which was in Genesis 17 & 18. Chapter 17 started with God changing Abram’s name to Abraham. God wanted to give Abraham a new identity. Almost reminds me of what happens when someone gives their life to Christ. That person is born again and given a new identity in Christ. He also did the same to his wife. He changed her name from Sarai to Sarah. God’s promise was not yet fulfilled, but God continued to remind them that it would be fulfilled. Once again, I want to go back to the patience game. It was crunch time for Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was already 100 years old and Sarah was in her late 90’s, but despite of it all God’s timing was perfect and His timing is perfect for our lives as well. I can relate a lot with Abraham in this chapter. I too anxiously ask God the same question as to when will it be accomplished. It, can be many things to each person, but most of us are awaiting “it” from God and as I get the older that question gets bigger and bigger.

I am reminded of the scripture that says, “If God is for us, then who can be against us”. Many look at this verse in the physical sense, but I look at it as, if God is for me, then nothing can be against me. Not my doubt, not my fear, not even myself can be against the God that is with me. Let that sink in for you. Nothing can stop God’s plans for our lives. He’s plans will prevail, so if we can soak that up deeply in our hearts we can walk every day with a level of confidence and expectancy that we have yet to experience. As for me, I am taking it a step further, I am not only walking in confidence and expectancy, but I am making sure that I do everything that I can do. I am making sure that I hold up my end of the stick. Meaning, that whatever God has given me the strength and ability to do, I will do. I will stretch myself and my faith this year because if I want something different this year than I am going to have to do something different.

Prayer: My prayer is that you begin to have a confidence like no other to not only believe that God’s promises will come to pass in your life, but to walk everyday as if they are already done.


Challenge: Give God your desires. Lay it at His feet and continue to move forward. Don’t keep revisiting or taking back the very thing that you are giving up to God. Give it Him and begin to walk in confidence knowing that it is complete.