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The Ten Lessons of Fatherhood

Calling all father's out there. Yeah I am talking to you. Why does raising children not have an instruction manual? Wouldn't life be so much easier? We'll the wait is over. In my newest article, The Ten Lessons of Fatherhood, I put together a list of things that I have gathered so far in my little time as a father. So if this is your first rodeo as a father or whether you are a seasoned veteran, this is for you and I promise it is worth the 5-10 minute read. Happy father's day to the true father's out there setting the path for there children. You guys are the real mvp's! #thetenlessonsoffatherhood #happyfathersday #fathersday2017

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START, continue, FINISH.

Is it me or do we all tend to have a collection full of incomplete tasks, goals, projects, etc that initially we have begun, but quite never continued or even completed? Am I the only one that feels like I start something and do not finish or complete it the way that I would have liked to? 

In my newest article I talk about the starting point, but also the race to continue and even to finish the task, goal or dream that is in your heart. Take a few minutes to read and I hope that you are encouraged and pushed to START, continue, FINISH. 

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Understanding the Unexpected

Why is it that when life could not be going any better, all of a sudden something unexpected comes up and totally disrupts everything? It almost seems as though it is scripted and that life goes through this orchestrated cycle over and over. Everything is going so well, so comfortable and in this uphill trajectory, but all of a sudden you lose your job, a family member gets diagnosed with a life threatening illness or someone you love passes away un-expectantly. Why is this? Why can’t life just go according to plan? Why is it that for many of us, life seems to throw us so many curve ballsIt just feels like we don't have the best of luck. Has this happened in your life? It surely has in mine.  

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The Fatherless

I can't necessarily say that I grew up without my father, he was there but not there, if that makes sense. Was his priorities a bit off, yes. My parents divorced when I was ten years old. It did not hit me right away, but I describe this experience like weeds that grow in your beautiful garden. They grow roots that you do not see until the actual weed comes out onto the surface and reveals itself - thus ruining the image and beauty of that garden.

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The City Beautiful [Let Faith Arise] | One Year Later

June 12th, 2016 will be a day that myself and many Orlandoans will never forget but will  also be a day that will leave a mark in history. The tragedy that took roughly 50 people, has been declared as the deadliest in U.S. history.  All my life I have seen similar events unfold in other cities and countries, but for this to take place in my own backyard has become more real than ever...

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