Freedom Worth Dying For


Many would say Freedom is living in this great country, the United States of America.  

Others would say Freedom is speech, the right to bear arms, equal rights, the right to vote, etc.   

What if freedom could be much more than all of that? What if freedom could be less of a right and more of a gift? What if freedom could be less of a physical/external possession and more of a condition of the heart that  reflects an external attitude?   

I am by no means disregarding any one’s form of freedom, but mainly opening up minds to understand that freedom is much more than what we think it is. I wanted to share a story that greatly depicts freedom and the true understanding of it. This is written by Pedro Pablo Sacristan.   

One weekend Miss Ellis handed out another of her famous experiment assignments. Her pupils loved that form of teaching, in which they themselves had to think up experiments that would aid in understanding. Many had to do with science, chemistry, but others - the most famous experiments - had to do with people and their behavior. And on that occasion the subject was really difficult: freedom. How can one conduct an experiment on freedom? What could you show about freedom through experiments?  

On their way home, the students discussed these, and other similar questions. However, they had already done a good job on other experiments, and this time was no exception. On Monday, the students returned with their ideas for an experiment, and they explained them one by one. All the ideas were very interesting, but to cut a long story short, Miss Ellis has asked me to tell you only about several student’s experiments, but we will share Charlie's experiment - which she liked the most.  

Charlie had prepared an experiment, a livelier one. He chose two class members. Lucas was a bright but indecisive boy, and Paul was one of the worst students. Charlie made them go up to join Miss Ellis at the blackboard. Then he divided the class into three groups.  

To the first group he said: "I'm going to ask you a difficult question. You can choose one of the three people at the blackboard to help you answer it. Whoever gets the answer right will win a big bag of sweets". Everyone in the first group chose the teacher.  

Then Charlie said to the second group: "You will be asked the same question, but before we start you should know that I have given Paul a piece of paper with the question and its answer written on it". Amid the sound of complaints from the first group, the second group all chose Paul.  

Then Charlie spoke to the last group: "It's your turn. What I told the second group was a lie. I gave the paper to Lucas". Amid booing and a few laughs, Paul showed that his hands were empty, and Lucas showed everyone that he did indeed have a piece of paper with the question and answer on it. And Lucas was the only one who managed to answer the difficult question correctly.  

While the winners were sharing the sweets out to everyone, Charlie explained: "This experiment is called 'No Freedom Without Truth' "It shows that you can only choose freely if you know the whole truth of the situation. Groups one and two were free to choose who they wanted, but as they didn't know the full truth of the set-up, they were never really able to choose freely. If they had known, then they would have chosen differently.  

To be free is to know the WHOLE truth.  Jesus says in John 8:32 "...and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." 

What is the truth that Jesus speaks of? Jesus says, "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life." (John 5:24)  

True freedom is hearing the voice of the one that was sent (Jesus), believing in the father that sent him (God) and abiding in them (relationship).  

True freedom is to know that you have purpose and meaning in this world.   

True freedom is to know when all hope is gone, He is your hope.  

True freedom is to know that when you are in the midst of the most difficult, darkest situations or moments in your life, He is there with you  

True freedom is to love even when it is not fair and even when it hurts.   

True freedom is to forgive even when forgiveness is undeserved.  

True freedom is to give your life for a relationship and message bigger than yourself and bigger than our present life.  

Many have given their lives for this country and for the freedom that we possess today – and I will forever be indebted to them, but only ONE has given his life for the freedom that brings everlasting and eternal life. That is a freedom worth dying for and I am so glad that Jesus paid the price for you and I.   

So let's celebrate the freedom that we have as a country, but let's also celebrate the gospel living, Christ dying and resurrecting freedom that only God provides.