Year One - Only Getting Started


One year…. I can’t believe it has already been one year since the launch of my website and oh what a year it has been.  

As I soaked it all up this morning, I could not help but to think how far I have grown in my writing and my creative ability. I remember like yesterday feeling so nervous to launch the site. I wasn't nervous because of my inability to write or lack of knowledge, but because this next chapter in my life would require full transparency.  I was going to be putting myself out there more than I ever have and I had to be 100% sure that this was the commitment I was going to obtain. Launching my website truly stretched me. It was a call to open myself up more than ever before, but I felt ready for it.  

I launched the site with my first article titled, Understanding the Process. This article came at the perfect time in my life where I was trying to put the pieces together with family, ministry, career, gifts, and now website. Prior to this article, I have not written a single thing since 2012, so you can imagine how much dust I had to brush off. To the glory of God, I got a good response and this article really set the tone for the domino effect that was to take place in the next several months.  

I followed that article up with a series titled, Balancing Act. The purpose of this series was to provide practical tips to parents on how to bring balance into every part of their life. It was one of my most practical articles and something that I am still putting together and will release soon. 

I continued writing two more articles, A night of Hope with Joel Osteen and Spotlight Addiction. A night of hope was a special treat. My pastor invited my family and I to attend this service which featured, Joel Osteen at the Amway Center. That night truly brought hope to me and my family as we were dealing with my mother-in-laws battle with cancer. Spotlight Addiction was an oldie, but goodie. I originally wrote this article back in 2008 as I was leading worship and production at Casa Del Alfarero. This article brought a lot of memories for me as I revised it, but showed me how much wisdom God had and continues to fill me within my gifting. I recommend this article for any worship leader, or anyone serving on the worship team.  

One of my most compelling and emotional pieces that I wrote this past year was, The City Beautiful [Let Faith Arise], which was written on the day the Pulse shooting tragedy in Orlando, FL took place. This event rocked the city of Orlando, but also this nation. It rocked me. I couldn’t believe how close to home this tragedy was. These types of events are things that you see happening on TV in other areas in the country and other parts of the world, not your community.  We think that these types of tragedies will never happen to us. We think that we are exempt from these things, but what happens when they do happen to you? What happens when tragedy strikes your door? What happens when disaster invades your space? This is what I talk about in this article. It is definitely a must read.  

My following article titled, The Fatherless, I bring a different perspective to my writing. I bring the perspective of a fatherless child. I write this article through the eyes of the fatherless child, which was me. Being raised in a broken and divorced home, I clearly understand and have lived through this epidemic and bring encouragement to the child and to the father. I recommend that every father or fatherless child, boy or girl, read this.  

I kept writing a few more articles throughout the span of the summer 2016. Freedom worth dying for, Perspective, Freedom to love, and Understanding the unexpected. It was quite a busy summer for me.  

Let me also mention that at the same time I was publishing my own personal articles, I was also writing and publishing articles for In May of 2016, I published my first article titled, Worship Lessons from Isaiah. This piece really stretched me in my writing and the understanding of the scriptures. As I wrote this piece, it allowed me to bring more biblical knowledge to my writing, but it also allowed me to find relevance between the Old Testament times and our time now. 

I continued to write for publishing four more articles. You can find these articles and more worship inspired writings at   

I continued the momentum through the fall of 2016, and published four more articles (The Gift or the giver, 30 things I am Thanks giving, A Christmas Carol – O Holy Night, The Year 2016) before topping it off with my last, but most important piece, Welcome Home | Saige Jaylene Sierra. 

Welcome Home | Saige Jaylene Sierra is not just observing the birth of my daughter, but it was a loved letter that also displayed the mighty power of God at work in our lives in this process. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that has not read it yet, but it is definitely heart touching. I wrote this piece the same day my daughter was born and it could not have been a more welcoming love letter to her from mommy and daddy. I will always hold this piece dear to my heart and I hope that when she gets older she can read it and be just as impacted as we were.  


All in all, this past year has been my best year of writing yet. This was exactly what I envisioned when I launched the site one year ago. I wanted to put my heart on paper. I wanted to communicate differently with an audience that I have never met. I wanted to be used by God in a different way than I was used to and that is what exactly happened.  

Do I have followers or audience that I would like to have? No. Have I stayed as consistent as I have wanted to in my writing and videos? No. Is there more room to get better and creative? Absolutely.  

None of those questions and many others will stop me from what I believe God has put within me. I believe that I have only scratched the surface and that the best is yet to come.  

Thank you to all that have taken the time to support me in my writing, videos, podcasts, journals, and videotionals. Every comment, like, thumbs up and subscription mean the world to me and bring so much encouragement and motivation.  

I promise you guys one thing, every article that is published will be authentic. My writing will be real. My writing will display my heart and nothing less.  

Year two, here I come... 


What was your favorite article this past year?  

What would you like to see differently this year? Comment below.